Partnering with the Knoxville Dream Center

Braden’s Warehouse & Clearance Center Announces Partnership with Knoxville Dream Center

Braden's Clearance Center partners with Knoxville Dream Center

Braden’s Lifestyles Furniture has been showcasing scratch & dent, discontinued items and incomplete sets at their warehouse & clearance center for the last year and a half.  Now, they’re partnering with the Knoxville Dream Center by donating a percentage of ALL sales to the wonderful work being carried out by the folks of KDC and community volunteers.

We invite you to take a moment to read more about this incredible organization.

The Knoxville Dream Center is a local non-profit organization whose mission is to “find a need and fill it, find a hurt and heal it.”  This is the heartbeat of KDC, and that heartbeat is carried out by their “Food, Faith and Futures” initiatives.  They believe in serving the poor and disenfranchised of our community, no questions asked; however, they do strive to provide sustainability for families.  Learn more about their programs below.

LOST SHEEP MINISTRY (Homeless Outreach):  For the last 25 years, the Lost Sheep Ministry has provided a hot meal, clothes, dental and medical services, prayer and the occasional mobile shower for the homeless community in Knoxville.  In fact, they have never missed a Wednesday night in those 25 year!  Furthermore, they help facilitate yearlong rehab and recovery for those wanting to get off of the streets looking for a fresh start.

FOOD TRUCKS:  Currently, KDC has nine Food Truck (mobile food pantry) locations throughout the city where we deliver groceries to those in need.  Described as the “working poor,” KDC offers fresh produce and nonperishable items to some of the most food-insecure families in our community.  Food Trucks are also a platform for people to receive employment.  Companies come out to Food Trucks looking to hire those who need employment, or further employment.  They especially love it when someone leaves the Food Truck sites with not only groceries, but a job in hand.

TITLE I Schools:  Title-One schools often lack basic resources and tools that other schools take for granted. By definition, they are schools where 40-100% of the student body receive free and reduced lunch.  This program gives hope and encouragement to the staff and students by providing basic needs for students; such as coats in winter, and food during the year.  In fact, one of their largest campaigns is where they provide 360 teachers supply packs to start off the school year!

ADOPT A BLOCK:  Is an opportunity to return to the areas served throughout the week with Knoxville Dream Center and Lost Sheep Ministry.  Service during this time will simply range from picking up trash to home repairs and property maintenance where possible.


In addition to learning about cool partnerships like this one, head to our Facebook Clearance Group to keep tabs on what’s coming and going in Braden’s Warehouse & Clearance Center!!

Braden's Warehouse & Clearance Center Partners with Knoxville Dream Center
Braden's Warehouse & Clearance Center Partners with Knoxville Dream Center
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