Meet the Team: Roger Canada

We at Braden’s Lifestyles Furniture have been serving the Greater Knoxville Area and surrounding communities since 1956.  We’re a third generation, family-owned business and we love doing what we do–Making Knoxville Houses Home!

In an effort to better introduce ourselves, we’d like for you to meet our staff one talented team member at a time, starting with a little Q&A with this guy,

Roger Canada

Q & A

BRADEN’S:  Your primary passion and trade has been photography.  How long have you been doing it?

ROGER:  I bought my first camera at age 15.  In total, I would say I’ve been photographing for around 35 years.  I would say for the last 23, respectively, I’ve been passionately pursuing nature photography–mainly landscapes.  I try to get out to Colorado and places out west at least once a year!

BRADEN’S:  What’s your favorite subject to shoot?

ROGER:  Any beautiful scenes of nature.  Especially when the weather is being cooperative!  That would be when there’s either fog, snow or amazing light on the land or water!

BRADEN’S:  Any particular place that you’ve photographed that you’d consider a favorite?

ROGER:  I would say right now that it would have to be the San Juan mountains of Colorado.  Specifically in autumn when the Aspens are in full color and the mountain peaks are covered in snow!

BRADEN’S:  How does your love for photography play into furniture and design?

ROGER:  I love composition.  Composing an image and realizing what parts of the scene need to be left out and what to include is part of a successful photograph as well as a successful room design.  Color, texture and lighting all play a strong part in both!

BRADEN’S:  Where are you from?

ROGER:  I was born in Oak Ridge and then in early elementary, we moved to Indiana.  My father was getting his PhD in biochemistry at Purdue, so we lived there for another four years.  After that we moved back to Tennessee, and I have lived here most of my life.  This is a great place to live for a nature photographer or anyone who loves the outdoors.  There are a number of beautiful areas that are only a few hours away including the Blue Ridge Parkway and Big South Fork, as well as the Smokies, of course.

BRADEN’S:  Random fact about you that most people wouldn’t know?

ROGER:  Many years ago I played drums in various bands!

BRADEN’S:  Another little-known fact about Roger?  Well, the movie, “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty,” is actually based on Roger’s life.  Pretty big actually, if you ask us.  Go head ask him.  He’ll probably laugh hysterically and deny it or something!

Here are a few images from Roger’s most recent trip out west!  Enjoy!

(We’re hoping he’ll eventually share more of his work because #SeriousTalent)

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