MEET THE TEAM: Kevin Newton

We at Braden’s Lifestyles Furniture have been serving the Greater Knoxville Area and surrounding communities since 1956. We’re a third generation, family-owned business and we love doing what we do–Making Knoxville Houses Home!

In an effort to better introduce ourselves, we’d like for you to meet our staff one talented team member at a time, starting with a little Q&A with this guy,


Q & A

BRADEN’S:  So you’ve been a part of the Braden’s team for a while . . . right?

KEVIN:  30 years and 6 months, but who’s counting.

BRADEN’S:  That was a while ago.  Did you know anything about furniture when you got started?

KEVIN:  No.  The first Saturday that I worked, a lady came into the showroom and asked if we had any secretaries.  I pointed to one of the ladies in the office!  (Seriously)  There just so happened to be a secretary (desk) between myself and the lady I pointed to.  My customer saw the piece and said “Great!  Thanks,” and bought it.

BRADEN’S:  Why Braden’s?

KEVIN:  I went in there looking for a sofa and thought that I would actually enjoy working there.  The late McKinley Braden interviewed me.

BRADEN’S:  Any wise words from a furniture pro like yourself to those who are contemplating a new buy?

KEVIN:  1.)  Find out who has a history of taking care of their customers.  2.)  If you are going to look at more than one furniture store in a day, make sure that we are the last one!  (Typical jokester Kevin)

BRADEN’S:  So what got you started on Marney’s Adventures?  [Kevin created the instagram account, Marney’s Adventures, for his dog Marney who may have easily seen more of Knoxville and East Tennessee than most humans here.]

KEVIN:  A co-worker here at Braden’s told me about Instagram, and I thought it would be fun to share our time out and about.  I started going to the mountains with Marney as soon as all of her immunization shots were complete and began randomly posting photographs on Facebook of our time there and at other National Forests and state parks.  Instagram was great because there is a large animal-lover ‘culture’ and following on this platform, as well as avid hikers and outdoorspeople.  I’m sort of hooked.

BRADEN’S:  Any stats like number of waterfalls and or number of hikes?

KEVIN:  I need to make a list, don’t I?  That would be cool.  Thinking through it, I would say we’ve been to about 50 different water falls.  There are plenty more about there though.  Who knows how many hikes!?  Lots.  (In summary, if you need some hiking advice or tips on where to find the best waterfalls, Kevin can definitely help you.)

BRADEN’S:  Random fun fact about you that most people wouldn’t know?

KEVIN:  At one time, I had the entire Gospel of Matthew memorized.  Couldn’t do it all now, but I still work on it.

BRADEN’S:  What defines you?

KEVIN:  I would like to say my trust in Christ.  I know I’m woefully inadequate there, but that’s kind of the point of trusting him, isn’t it?  [The man makes a good point.]

BRADEN’S:  What music will be on the radio when you start the car this afternoon?

KEVIN:  I listen to a lot of sports talk radio, but when I do listen to music, more often than not, it’s Apoligetix, a Christian parody band that turns a lot of pop/rock songs into Christian songs.

BRADEN’S:  Why should someone ask for you when shopping at Braden’s?

KEVIN:  Marney needs a steak!  Seriously though, 30 years of experience and accumulated knowledge.

Be sure to check out more of Marney, and Kevin of course, on Instagram at @marneys.adventures!

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