MEET THE TEAM: Catherine Vernetti

Catherine Vernetti of Braden's Lifestyles Furniture in Knoxville, TN

We at Braden’s Lifestyles Furniture have been serving the Greater Knoxville Area and surrounding communities since 1956. We’re a third generation, family-owned business and we love doing what we do–Making Knoxville Houses Home!

In an effort to better introduce ourselves, we’d like for you to meet our staff one talented team member at a time, starting with a little Q&A with this gal,


Braden’s:  Tell everyone how long you’ve been with Braden’s and what you were up to before joining the team!

Catherine:  I’ve been with Braden’s for 4 years, and prior to coming on board, I was a portrait artist.

Braden’s:  Very cool.  Where are you from originally, and how long were you there?

Catherine:  I grew up in Charleston, SC, and I lived there for over 20 years.  I grew up in the historic section, south of Broad Street.

Braden’s:  What are some of your favorite memories of Charleston, specifically about the city?

Catherine:  I have wonderful memories of Charleston as a child.  The city was very different then, and the big push for tourism had not yet begun. There was a quiet gentility while the houses were in different states of repair…or disrepair , but even that was part of the charm.  There was a certain civility possessed by most Charlestonians–good manners mattered.  I have great memories of going to the beaches, sailing and being out in the harbor or on the rivers.  We loved going out to the country on the islands nearby. As a child , I loved the old city with its slate sidewalks, playgrounds and White Point Gardens with its canons, cobblestone streets and church steeples silhouetted against the sky.  We could walk or bike to wherever we wanted .

Braden’s:  What got you painting?
Catherine:  I started drawing at an early age and drew my first portrait at 8.  My sister Anne posed for me.  My father, an art lover, arranged for me to have private lessons from a local artist, Virginia Fouche’ Bolton, at the age of 12.  I painted over the years taking lessons in oils and water color from local artists and graduated from the College of Charleston with a degree in fine arts.
Braden’s:  What is one thing that most people might not know about you?
Catherine:  I was commodore of my high school sailing team my sophomore year! I also used to plan crazy/elaborate themed birthday parties for my 3 children. The most dramatic one involved “cracking” an international spy ring with clues that had been planted , including news articles about the criminal activity. My British friend participated and when it was “discovered” that she was a key player in the ring, she pretended to swallow poison and  dramatically collapsed claiming “They will never take me alive!!”  Having the police show up unexpectedly (one of the neighbors reported suspicious activity since our lights went out and my husband noisily pretended to be breaking into the house through the back door!!) was the icing on the cake and made the girls really believe our story!!!
Catherine Vernetti of Braden's Lifestyles Furniture in Charleston, SC
Catherine Vernetti of Braden's Lifestyles Furniture pictured with family

A Sampling of Catherine's Paintings

Artwork by Catherine Vernetti of Braden's Lifestyles Furniture in Knoxville, TN
Artwork by Catherine Vernetti of Braden's Lifestyles Furniture in Knoxville, TN

Braden’s:  In addition to great personal taste and a strong knowledge of both the furniture industry and Braden’s comprehensive list of manufacturers, what else can you offer your clients and customers?

Catherine:  I also offer interior design services.

Braden’s:  Anything you’d like to share with people considering a design renovation?

Catherine:  I always encourage my clients to take the time to have fun and look for art that will enrich their lives and homes.  Who they are as individuals needs to be reflected in the home’s interior design. For example, my husband (an avid gardener) and I both love books and art.  I believe beautiful original art work (if possible), healthy well placed plants, books in hardback covers, and proper lighting make a house feel more like a home. These few things can make a huge difference.

View some of Catherine’s former design work below!

Interior Design By Catherine Vernetti of Braden's Lifestyles Furniture in Knoxville, TN

Click (Above) Local Home Tour, (Right) Florida Beach Home

Interior Design by Catherine Vernetti of Braden's Lifestyles Furinture in Knoxville, TN
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