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We are a fashion-driven company whose primary mission is to be a successful home furnishings leader in style, value and service with a vision to ultimately enrich lives through custom-crafted furniture. Our furniture is designed to fit the personal and creative style of home, and our collections offer distinct and varied choices in design, textures, visual interest and personalized trims, tailoring and finishes.


Backed by the American Chiropractic Association, the Stressless chair not only delivers high style, but high quality and extreme comfort.  Created and produced in Norway, this fine furniture is worth discovering.   Isn’t about time to stress less?  Get comfortable.

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In 1925, four-year-old Clyde Hooker Jr. pulled the cord on the steam whistle that signaled the first work day at Hooker Furniture. In his 40 years leading the company, Clyde’s dedication to the pursuit of making stylish, beautiful, well-made furniture propelled the company to become one of the nation’s premier importers and manufacturers of furniture. In 2000, Clyde passed the torch of leadership to Paul B. Toms Jr, grandson of the company’s founder, making Hooker a third-generation company and one of the few furniture firms still led by a member of the founding family.