Hilton Head New Construction, A Home Tour

We’re so excited to take you on this lovely home tour in Long Cove Club on Hilton Head Island.  Here’s a brief Q&A with the homeowner regarding her design and work experience with Braden’s.

If only pictures could do this home justice . . .

A quick peek at a few ‘before’ images . . .

Living Room
Dining Room
Master Bedroom

Q&A With the Homeowner

Braden’s:  When did you all first decide to build in Hilton Head?

Judy:  We have been vacationing in Hilton Head since the early 80’s.  We built and owned three homes in Hilton Head from 1993-2010.  After that, we didn’t visit the island very often and missed it terribly!  In 2016, we made a trip to the island to look at condos and houses to possibly buy.  During this process, we found a piece of property in a golf community that was a true “find” at a very good price.  We made an offer, it was accepted, and the journey of building a new home began!

Braden’s:  Why Hilton Head?

Judy:  We have vacationed on 30A, the Outer Banks, but still love Hilton Head Island the most!  It truly feels like home to us, and it’s close enough to go for a long weekend!

Braden’s:  How much time elapsed from the time you to decided to build to the time of move-in and completion?

Judy:  We decided in April 2016, broke ground first of August and moved in on May 20, 2017.

Braden’s:  How did you go about deciding on your home’s décor scheme?

Judy:  I knew I wanted a totally different look from my home in Tennessee, where I have warm colors and stained millwork.  I wanted a light and airy feel with painted trim and millwork, along with light and happy colors on the walls!  I chose a light gray as my neutral color and used different shades of blue as accents.  The upholstery and bedding also reflected these colors.  Furniture pieces chosen ranged from raw wood to painted pieces in grays and blues to light natural woods.  The culmination of this was exactly as I pictured it!  I truly love the result of the design process!

Upstairs Bonus Room
Upstairs Bonus Room
Main House Living
Main House Living
Apartment Media Room
Apartment Media Room

Braden’s:  Why did you personally choose to work with Braden’s?

Judy:  In August 2016, I saw a FB post with a picture of a beautiful bed at Braden’s Clearance Center in Maryville.  I googled the location and made a trip there!  That’s when I met Carrie Grey who helped me in the clearance center!  I was so impressed with the beautiful furniture pieces and the pricing!  I told her about our project in Hilton Head and that I was in the process of purchasing furniture for an entire house.  I sat in her office and we discussed my desire to a.) find beautiful furniture and reasonable prices and b.) find a place to store that furniture until our move in date.  Braden’s was able to accommodate my needs.

I have also known Gary Braden since childhood, so I knew I could trust him in this venture!  I worked with Carrie for 9 months finding the perfect pieces for my home!  She worked tirelessly on my behalf, and in the meantime, I found a dear friend in the process!  She even went to Hilton Head with me for the move in!!

Braden’s:  So you would count this most recent partnership with Braden’s a success?

Judy:  Absolutely!  Braden’s far exceeded my expectations!  I loved being able to see, feel and touch the upholstered pieces that I purchased, and I loved being able to also purchase pieces at both the clearance center and the showroom, right off of the floor.  Even the pieces I purchased through special order worked perfectly!  And the best part was that Braden’s stored my furniture in their warehouse for months until the day that the moving van came to pick it up!  And I had my own personal sales associate / designer, Carrie Grey, with me every step of the way!

Upstairs Guest Room
Upstairs Guest Room
Junior Master
Junior Master
Apartment Bunk Room
Apartment Master
Apartment Master

Braden’s:  Are you pleased with the overall design and outcome of your furniture and color selections?

Judy:  I am sooo pleased with the outcome!  It amazes me that it all came together so perfectly!

Braden’s:  Lastly, what would be several “pro-tips” you might have to offer a first-time home builder?

Judy:  This home is the 8th home that we’ve built.  (I’m married to a contractor.)  I will have to say that building a home is a learning process, and you don’t always get it right the firs time!  I finally feel as if I got it right!  My advice to first time home builders is:

1.)  Take your time in the planning and design of your home.

2.)  Always calculate your construction costs and furniture needs upfront and try to stick to a budget.

3.)  Pick and choose the items that are the most important to you in the building process and spend more on those things and less on the things that matter least.

4.)  Try to get design advice every step of the way!  It’s always nice to have a 2nd opinion on paint and furniture choices, as well as lighting and plumbing fixtures.  Don’t get in a hurry–explore your options and compare pricing!  Enjoy the process!  It can be stressful but very rewarding in the end!

Knoxville natives Rob and Judy are the proud parents of five girls and 17 grandchildren!  They are looking forward to family beach time, making memories and (hopefully) a little rest and relaxation in retirement!  They have been long term customers of Braden’s, and we remain grateful for their continued friendship and business over the years!

You can find Carrie Grey at Braden’s Clearance Center, M-F from 8:30-4:30, located at 119 Airbag Way, Maryville, TN  37801.  She also partners with clients in a design and styling capacity.  Need help in your space or just a second opinion?  Contact Carrie directly for a free in-home consultation.  Email:  cgrey@bradens.com.

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