High Point Fall Market 2014, Through the Lens of a Designer

Left-Bank-ArtThis year’s furniture market in High Point, NC was . . . awesome!  Granted, it generally is, but this year was no exception!  After the five hour drive across the mountains into North Carolina, making our way into the center of town and spending five days shopping, walking, talking, thinking and buying, we are back in town and pumped for the new finds that are headed to our showroom!  In this interview, Braden’s lead Designer, Cindy Hamby gives us a run down of this year’s market!

Braden’s:  What were this year’s biggest trends?


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Cindy Hamby:  There were quite a few actually, that were easily recognizable!  Color!  There was a lot of color!  The primary hues were blues, oranges and deep coral.  Also, in addition to chrome, there was a great deal of brushed gold.  I wouldn’t say brass, but definitely the brushed gold look was a huge element at this year’s market.  With regards to fabrics, they seemed far more glamorous, in the way of richness of color and weight / thickness.  Also, we saw a lot of acrylic!  They are using it in lamp bases, table tops and bases and even furniture legs.  It’s everywhere!  On that same note, there is a huge usage of glass too, both in tables and in accessories.  Naturally, the mid-century modern look just continues to influence market.  It’s a huge look and is truly changing the shape of the furniture industry.  You can expect much cleaner lines in this year’s furniture frames.

Drum-shadeIn lighting we saw a lot of drum shades and link lighting.  (Think chain on a large, glamorous scale!)  We are still seeing a lot of wooden chandeliers and lamps, so if you love that look, don’t worry–it hasn’t gone anywhere!  Rugs were heavier in texture, but we saw a lot of looks, incorporating both neutral and color palettes!  We also noticed that the leather dealers are starting to really branch out into the world of color too!  As we all know, leather normally hovers around browns and blacks, but this year we saw a little bit of everything, even BRIGHT red.  Lastly, I would say that the upholstered headboard is still a huge hit.  There is a slight twist on it, however, with more metals and woods being incorporated with the upholstery!

Braden’s:  What were some items that really stood out to you this year?

Cindy Hamby:  Where do I start!?  Stickley, I’ll start with Stickley!  By far the best piece I saw this year was the new Gathering Island!  It’s functional and good looking.  It acts as a console table, a Stickley-Redbar and shelving!  If your sofa is positioned in the middle of the room and you don’t have floor outlets for lighting, not to worry!  This piece comes with electrical outlets for your electronics and or lamps! It comes in multiple styles, sizes and finishes.  It’s a win all the way around.

Vanguard was incredible too!  They have just about every type of cocktail ottoman you can imagine.  Every size, every shape, every fabric, etc. You get the idea.  But seriously, they have an exceptional ottoman program.  They have some fantastic fabrics too and use a lot of nail head trim, which I love.  Their Michael Weiss collection is phenomenal and has a great look too.  If you like a bit more of a metropolitan look, this would be a great collection to consider.  Really nice lines.

I loved the color in Global Views, which always gives good looks!  The art this year seemed to be much more colorful too!  The art vendors are using more materials too in their framing and finishing.  You can get the acrylic look as well as fiber gels.

Braden’s:  Will this market influence your design style in any way?

Cindy Hamby:  Obviously, I cater to my client’s interests and tastes.  If left to myself and my own style, I generally stay away from major trends unless they speak to me or the room I’m designing.  I prefer classic pieces that I know will keep their style and appeal for years to come.  If anything, I’ll follow the path of the new accessories.  If there is one element in design that should follow the trend, it should be accessories in my opinion.

Braden’s:  What’s the least fun aspect of market?

Cindy Hamby:  Perhaps the duration and intensity of product viewing.  There is so much to see, so much to do, it’s simply impossible to fit it all in.  It’s not that you don’t want to; it’s more of a situation where there is too much to see and too little time!  All in all, it’s a wonderful experience for those who love furniture and design.

Braden’s:  Do you think that Knoxville as a market is ready to embrace this year’s market trends?

Cindy Hamby:  I think with our proximity to the mountains and lakes, that the overall design feel here in Knoxville is more relaxed, a bit more casual and even more rustic.  I wouldn’t consider Knoxville to be an overly ‘fashion forward’ town, when it comes to furniture designs, in that we’re a bit more conservative on the trend side.  We don’t exactly live in Manhattan, so not everyone here goes for that look, which is completely understandable!

Braden’s:  If you had to use one word to describe this year’s market, which word would you use?

Cindy Hamby:  Glamorous.

Cindy has been with Braden’s for 15 years and consults both here in the design center, or with you in your home.  If you need design assistance and would like to work with Cindy, simply call the store to schedule your appointment!




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