Roger Canada in Colorado

Roger Canada for Braden's Lifestyle Furniture in Knoxville, TN
Braden's Team Member, Roger Canada

Roger has been photographing the natural world for over thirty years, beginning with the purchase of his first camera as a teenager for a family trip to Hawaii. Since then he has moved from 35mm to medium format film cameras and on to digital capture. The pure enjoyment of being in nature with his camera looking for the best light and conditions leads him back again and again.

Roger’s journeys have taken him from the Appalachians to the Southwest and beyond.   He was the official photographer for the Great Smoky Mountains 75th anniversary calendar sponsored by the Great Smoky Mountains Association in 2009.  His work has also been published in books and magazines, including Blue Ridge Country magazine as well as calendars for NY Life, Met Life, and Sierra Club.

Learn more about Roger, and see more of his incredible photography, on his website.

Roger Canada for Braden's Lifestyles Furniture in Knoxville, TN

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Roger Canada Grand Tetons
Roger Canada Grand Tetons
Roger Canada Grand Tetons
Roger Canada Grand Tetons
Roger Canada Grand Tetons
Roger Canada Grand Tetons
Roger Canada Grand Tetons
Q and A with Roger Canada and Braden's Lifestyles Furniture in Knoxville, TN

BRADEN’S:  So, annual photography trip?  Since when?

ROGER:  I’ve been going on an annual photo trip for around 12 years now.  I often go to Colorado in Autumn and go on photography trips with my good friend who moved out there with his family.

BRADEN’S:  Where did you go this year?

ROGER:  This year we went to the Grand Tetons and to Jackson Hole.  It was my first trip there, and it was beautiful.

BRADEN’S:  Any stand-out moments from this trip?

ROGER:  Definitely!  The highlight of the trip for me was setting up at Oxbow Bend, watching the moon set over the Tetons, before the sunrise.  Perfect fog, the moonset, and calm winds with a splash of fall color . . . sweet serendipity!

It was brisk at 15 degrees, but well worth it!  The next day, the moon was too high in the sky to make a good photograph in the morning, and the fog was non-existent.

BRADEN’S:  Is there a favorite shot ever?

ROGER:  That’s a tough one, of course.  Usually photographers will say it’s which ever one they liked best from their most recent trip or outing.  In this case, the Moonset over the Tetons may actually be my favorite image I’ve taken to date.  A very close runner up would be Sunrise at Maroon Bells last year with peak fall color and a fresh covering of snow from the night before.

BRADEN’S:  So we know that you are, and have been, selling prints.  But tell those who may be learning of your work for the first time more!

ROGER:  I have sold images to national calendar companies and publications for around 20 years now, but I haven’t focused on fine art prints as much, until lately.  My main focus has been fine art canvases, which are available framed or unframed.  I also offer prints on 100 percent archival cotton rag paper, which produces a beautiful image.

Learn more about ordering your own print from Roger by either visiting his WEBSITE or stopping by our showroom in Turkey Creek!  You can also learn a thing or two about Roger that most don’t know on one of our former BLOG POSTS!

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